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Diana Barth Facilitator: Diana Barth is a retired attorney who practiced law in Maine and MA. She began exploring the history of the Middle East through the stories of women such as Gertrude Bell and Freya Stark.

John Barth Facilitator John Barth is a former US Air Force aircraft maintenance officer who spent his later career in defense contracting program management. He has always been interested in World War I and aviation.

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Bill Byrd

Karen Clark

Gayle Fish Facilitator - Gwen (Wendy) Fish is a retired Nurse and Educator and a profound lover of the arts. She has dabbled with all mediums from color pencil to oils and specializes in first time and beginner artists. She believes art lives in everyone's soul and just needs a little coaxing for it to emerge! here is a $10 fee for materials. Classes run for two hours per session.

Kent Gourdin

Ray James

Midge Moran

Fred Rosenberg Facilitator Fred Rosenberg has a Ph.D. in astronomy from the University of Virginia. He did research at Mullard Space Science Laboratory, University College, London; the Naval Research Laboratory; the Harvard/Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics and MIT Lincoln Laboratory, the latter in the Space Control arena, with a particular specialty on Space Surveillance.